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Rough Cut (2010)

by Mari Carr(Favorite Author)
3.5 of 5 Votes: 5
Samhain Publishing
Black & White Collection
review 1: I didn't like this one the way I did her other works. I felt that the story was too short, the structure was there but missing a lot of things. It was really promising, Ty's character wasn't uncommon, he's one of those Hollywood big stars that suffer from the superficiality of it all. What I did like about the story was the outline, the title could work both ways since this work was a little roughened up, and because of the screenplay.It could have been better if it were longer, we would have known about Gwen's history, since Ty was poor, but the author didn't mention how he came to be, his big break, and all that. Rough Cut, as in unpolished. I would have liked if their film was appreciated by many, the way Ty was passionate about it. The love story was haphazard, probabl... morey because of their ages, and they're not getting any younger, and also because they felt right for each other. The chemistry was there, they had the same dark desires that can only fulfilled by each other.There were only few sex scenes here, but they were still hot, with the Mari Carr trademark.
review 2: Clare C's Review Ty is an action star looking to expand his career. Gwen is a writer who catches his attention with a collection of short stories she wrote. This collaboration can’t help but be more than business. Both characters spent their lives battling ‘dark’ urges. Ty is a Dom who wants a sub, but he can’t do anything that would damage his star status. Gwen seems to have given up on relationships because she can’t find a man who can truly dominate her. The idea isn’t new and neither is the plot, but in Carr’s hands, the characters come alive from the first page. I picked this up intending to look it over before bed, thinking maybe I’d read it the next day, and I never put it down. I couldn’t. The dynamic characters sucked me in and the emotionally-charged sex scenes were both erotic and romantic. This is something you can read twice because you know exactly how good it’ll be the second time. Thank you, Ms. Carr.4 1/2 Tea Cups! less
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Very light BDSM, but over all very good story. I only wish that it was a little longer.
I really liked this book, I just wish that there was more. Their two months flew by.
Fast nook free book.
Hot stuff! :)
Hot story ;)
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