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In today’s digital age, printing photos has become uncommon. What used to be photo albums in every household is now a virtual album in our computer, mobile device and social media accounts. Although the latest technology has made it easier for us to create, edit, reproduce and share photos, I still prefer the old fashion way of printing photos. I find it an added value if it’s tangible, makes it more sentimental. When stored properly, hard copies tend to last longer, just keep them away from fire, water/moisture, termites, curious little children, photo thieves and just don’t misplace them. Soft copies are more prone to viruses, being corrupted, accidental deletion and so on — they won’t last forever. I remember when I first had my digital camera my mom would always insist that I print her pictures. My mom is not techie like most parents and so she likes it the old school way. I would select the best shots and have them printed just so my mom would stop nagging at me. I have also curated our family pictures dating back to the 70s and they’re still in mint condition.

I have recently scanned all the old pics and moved them to new magnetic (adhesive) albums. Yet, I’m still not done mounting all the newer ones as of this writing. So moving forward, I have decided to stop printing photos and instead, create photobooks.

Photobooks are more convenient to create/compile and less bulky to store. So far, I have compiled my wedding photos and my first travel book. Starting this year, I will be compiling our annual family photobook, then I will backtrack the previous years one at a time (sigh, that’s a lot of work).

There are many photobook services online to choose from. TIP: Make sure your photos are print-ready. If your photos are professionally done then it’s most likely good to go, however, if it’s an amateur photo esp. the one taken from your mobile phone, you might need to tweak it a little bit. Take note, not all photos that look good on your screen will look good on print. Images on print tend to look darker than the one on screen. Keep that in mind to avoid disappointment.

Here’s my first travel book from Photobook Philippines (Photobook Worldwide) — not sponsored. It’s a compilation from our Siargao trip in 2014. You can find great deals through their website or check out Metrodeal for more discounts.

Yep, I’m an alien. I have four fingers! Yep, I’m an alien. I have four fingers!

8″ x 8″ Square Imagewrap Hardcover
Standard Binding
Paper Upgrade: 190gsm Photo Lustre Paper

This I think will be a lifetime project. I can already imagine a whole library of photobooks in the future, sitting on the couch, a warm cup of coffee in hand, flipping through the pages, reminiscing….haaaay, that’s the plan. I still have seventeen years worth of digital photos to backtrack for this project yet, oh my. I suggest you start yours now.


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