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The Dream (2011)

by Maria Savva(Favorite Author)
4.17 of 5 Votes: 2
0956410154 (ISBN13: 9780956410153)
Rose and Freedom Books
review 1: Maria Savva's 'The Dream' is in essence a romance but with many twists and unsuspected turns. Lynne has a dream about a warning from a stranger. Who is this stranger? Is there any truth to the warning not to marry her fiancé Adam? Her relationship with him isn't premarital bliss and now she sits wondering if she loves him at all. Why is he so distant? This book is enjoyable from beginning to end. The words flow as Savva explores every nook and cranny of Lynne's thoughts and emotions as strange events unfold. Her friend Sandra is her confidante, searching for her own love. Finding Mr. Right isn't a direct path for Lynne or Sandra but that seems to be their main goal in this tale. There is suspense and tension created by the relationships and conflicts between the character... mores. Mystery surrounds Lynne's situation whose world is turned upside down. I felt myself being pulled into the story as Lynne searches for answers and deals with disappointment, uncertainty and fear. Savva's characters are contemporary, believable, and described with sensitivity.Sandra Yuen MacKay, author of Hell's Fire and My Schizophrenic Life
review 2: This was a page-turner! Lynne was a compelling, well-drawn character in a situation that many people have faced - do you keep looking for that one special true love, or settle for good enough? Mixed in with this story of relationships and finding your life path is an unusual twist. Lynne is haunted by a dream and strong intuition that she may be with the wrong man. Is it normal wedding jitters, has she turned psychic, or is she being guided from beyond? I read this book in two days, every time I could get my hands on it, as I wanted to know where it was going. If you enjoy contemporary fiction with a splash of romance and the mysterious, then you'll be riveted to this book. less
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The story and characters quickly pulled me in and kept me engaged from start to finish.
The story was interesting, however the writing was childish and the dialogue awkward.
I love this book (obviously), hope you will too :)
Definitely my new favorite book! I LOVE IT!!!!!!!
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