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Hopper And Wilson (2011)

by Maria van Lieshout(Favorite Author)
3.76 of 5 Votes: 3
0399251847 (ISBN13: 9780399251849)
review 1: Hopper and Wilson was a great story about two friends that desire to touch the moon and for an endless supply of lemonade, and they believe that this will be at the end of the world. After enduring a fierce storm at sea, Hopper falls out of the boat and Wilson had to search the entire sea for him! Once they return home they realize that there is, in fact, no place like home. I think this book provides a meaningful lesson because you don't realize how great your home is until you leave. Everything you have really isn't all that bad, especially when you have great friends surrounding you. The colors used in the illustrations were so wonderful, and it was neat as the storm was coming the water turned to a scary, greenish color changing the mood. It was little details like tha... moret that made this book even better.
review 2: Best friends Hopper and Wilson wonder what it is like at the end of the world. Deciding to find out, they set sail on an end-of-the-world adventure. After battling rough seas, cold weather, and howling winds, they realize that their part of the world is where they want to be. Sweet story about friendship with winsome watercolor illustrations. The two page layout heightens the effect of the illustrations. less
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As usual, Maria van Lieshout's masterfully minimal and deceptively simple art speaks volumes.
Sweet! And I loved, loved, loved the illustrations=visual reader me!
A sweet and lovely story of friendship, love and adventure.
Really cute story about two friends who have an adventure.
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