Obernewtyn – Isobelle Carmody

“Sometimes I am afraid for people like you who have to know things. Your kind will dig and hunt and worry at it until one day you will find what is hidden, waiting for you.”

Date Completed: 256
Page Length:  September 12 2017

I house sat for my aunt and uncle the other weekend. I was happy to do it because a) their dog is a sweetie, and b) they have a book collection almost as big as my parents.

Having been separated from my own library for over six months now, this meant a lot to me.

The first thing I did after sleeping off a long work -week was peruse the various bookshelves until I found something to sink my teeth into. That something turned out to be book one of The Obernewtyn Chronicles.

I had of course heard of Isobelle Carmody’s series before—at book club and on the general literary grape vine—so when I saw it I pounced. I read two thirds of the book that weekend and finished it off on my commute to Sydney the next week.

It was a good read and I enjoyed the concept but perhaps I missed my window (adolescence) to fall in love with this one. I’m just not desperate for the next. Actually, one of the things I liked about it was that it tied up enough of the loose ends, and had enough of a satisfying ending that it stands well on its own as a complete story.

If you’re a fan of YA or children’s fantasy, you should probably read it, it is a classic. And you can rest easy knowing it isn’t the kind of series you have to commit yourself entirely to if you don’t like it.

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