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What Purpose Did I Serve In Your Life (2013)

by Marie Calloway(Favorite Author)
3.56 of 5 Votes: 4
0985023589 (ISBN13: 9780985023584)
Tyrant Books
review 1: This book is just blood and guts. Pure, pathological exhibitionism. It's like jumping into the mind of a fucked up girl who knows she's fucked up and wants you to see her fuckedupness from every possible angle. It's uncomfortable at first - a parade of sexual degradation, tortured insecurity, and blatant masochism. But then you start to understand how her brain works and how it feels to be so unreasonably needy and difficult and self-hating and how good she is at showing you the gnarly underbelly of her tweaked out psyche. After that, you (if you're me, anyway) can't help but like her and find the whole thing oddly charming.
review 2: marie calloway's what purpose did i serve in your life is a collection of nonfiction short stories, focuses around writing and s
... moreex, broken up by photos, cybersex screencaps, and criticism of calloway's writing. the stories are straight forward; simple and smart, written in the joan didion -appropriated tone that has erected its own scene. the stories are graphically sexual, and the frank tone reads as deadpan as possible, but where calloway appears to be exploited (the narrative of the criticism against her seems to be that she is allowing herself to be exploited), she is taking the narrative into her own hands and controlling it via writing. the juxtaposition of these stories with herr facebook convos, emails, and criticisms feel like the ushering in of a new era of transparency, tho at times this transparency seems meta and an almost counterconfession. less
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i didn't enjoy reading this book but i've thought about it a couple of times since i read it
disconcertingly brilliant or brilliantly disconcerting? both, and all the way through.
Barely literate, but very occasionally moderately insightful.
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