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Blue Sky Days (2000)

by Marie Landry(Favorite Author)
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review 1: Seeing the Blue Sky amidst of a Typhoon(A Book Review)  Ever left like escaping life? Wanting to go somewhere else where you can start all over? Forget how annoying your parents can be? Ever felt like starting from scratch and to just forget your old self?    But then, have you ever, while thinking of an escape or an excuse for starting a new, thought of the consequences?  I admit, it happens to me most of the time. I often feel like packing my things and just leave without looking back. Forget how life can get. How tiring. But I found escape in reality through reading fictional books, be it romance, fantasy or a thriller. And somehow loving the feeling of experiencing and feeling the character’s experiences and all    But ne book in particular is... more remarkable for me. Blue Sky Days by Marie Landry isn’t all about love, family and well, problems. Its also about faith.     Faith in God. Faith in life. Faith in love.    The story will revolve around Emma and Nicholas. But this isn’t all about love and such and their love story. Its of how their love will really, really, really, really conquer anything.    It started off as Emma wanting an escape from their house - having a MIA father and nagging and over controlling mother - she decided to stay with her Aunt’s house. Where she met Nicholas, her Aunt’s ‘illegitimate’ son.    Like any other story, they started off as friend. From being friends who loves hanging and going out together, Emma found herself slowly falling for Nicholas - an only son, the only precious thing his father have.    But, I did said that this isn’t your usual lovestory, right? Well, after a full bliss with him, with flowers and chocolates and al, an earthshattering news came. Nicholas have cancer. Leukemia.     What I really admired about this is that how these characters even fictional felt real. While you’re reading this, you’ll feel like you were Emma. Its like its you who have a boyfriend who have leukemia. Like, its you who feel like giving up but having drawn strength from people who are important to you, you stayed strong. Not because your friends expects you to but because you know that your boyfriend needs you. Because you know that it isnt strength he needed from you but also your love and trust. Trust in him, that he’ll kick the cancer cells’ ass out of his system.    This may not happen in real life, but then it might be It may not be with your girlfriend or boyfriend, it might be one of your parents, or with any of your relatives or even with your friends. But you got to know, its not just strength and love that you will need, there should also be faith.    Faith in God. Faith in life. Faith in love.    These three is was I learned from Marie Landry. You just got to learn how to take care of changes and keep tracks of it.    SO if you want to experience the overpower of love, or just simply want to be inspired and learn how to hope? You might want to grab a copy of “Blue Sky Days” by Marie Landry. I’m positive that every pause you’ll take while reading this book will be like missing half of your life.    Happy Reading!
review 2: Taken from my Blog Le' Book Squirrel What a wonderful story about finding love and finding yourself.Emma Ward has no idea what she wants to do with her life so she decides to visit her Aunt Daisy.While There she meets Nicholas who she falls in love with.However,They have more trials then the normal couple. I could not put the kindle down!I was enthralled in the lives of Emma and Nicholas.The love they have for each other is hard to find and they found it.It was refreshing to have a book jump out and grab me as this one did.I have absolutely nothing negative to say about Blue Sky Days. I look forward to reading more by Marie Landry.Highly suggest this book.Have tissues handy! less
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3.5 starsA sweet and tragic story of love and personal discovery.
Beautiful book and wonderful story!! I love this book..=)
This is on my work computer, so I never get to read it.
Review coming tomorrow, hopefully.
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