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One More Soldier (2010)

by Marie Sexton(Favorite Author)
4.05 of 5 Votes: 2
1920468056 (ISBN13: 9781920468057)
Silver Publishing
review 1: This is a solid 4-star book. There is nothing not to like about it - except perhaps it's a trifle too short.I would have liked to see a few more scenes between Will and Bran, from their earlier life perhaps or just a bit more at the end. I know it wouldn't have changed the message of the book at all, but I did find myself wanting a little more exposition.I think Marie is a victim of her own success with me. After reading some of her longer works I know just how good she can be, and so my initial thoughts about giving this 5 stars morphed to 4, if only because I know Marie has written better.I did thoroughly enjoy it. The emotions were very well portrayed, the attraction and the sex were hot, and although the ending was a bit obvious, it was very touching and gave me a lum... morep in my throat.Beautiful way to end the book with the last line being perfect.
review 2: I finally read this. It's been on my nook for ages, but I'd read how sad it was and I guess I was in a melancholy mood. As usual with anything I've read by Marie Sexton, I was not disappointed as she managed to break my heart yet again with the beautiful story of Bran and Will. The ending was not totally unexpected, but still brought more than a few tears. A quick, short, read, but with so much emotion. My heart still hurts. less
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LOve against all odd ... It was just sad. i had to much emotions mixed ones as well.
Saw it coming, but couldn't stop how it affected me. Dang.
a short story set in a great time of turmoil in america
Short but sweet
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