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Laid Bear 2: The Kodiak Clan (2014)

by Marina Maddix(Favorite Author)
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1496065670 (ISBN13: 9781496065674)
Laid Bear
review 1: This is book two in the series. Veronica Muir is a werebear with a set of cubs to look after. After her husband is murdered just before the boy's arrival. She starts up a relationship with Jesse. a marine biologist. Who is also human. They flirt on line and finally decide to meet. but there are things that will keep them apart besides her being a werebear. Will they get to be together or will the past and the secrets pull them apart before they are truly together. This is a great continuation to the Laid bear series, but it also can be a stand alone book . You get to meet new characters and get reacquainted with the characters from book one. Max and Bethany are back and expecting their first cub. As Veronica is in contact with them via their matchmaking website. I loved... more Max ad Bethany in the first book. They don't disappoint in book two either. Veronica is one feisty woman also. She knows what she should do but the clan will shun her. But like any woman she is torn between what she wants to do as follow her hear, and what is good for the clan. Just don't come between this momma bear and her cubs . She will hurt you bad. Marina's writings is to the point and flows great. She goes for your heart with every word she writes. The characters are so well written , you can feel the anger and the passion between them. The book gets hot when Jess and Veronica meet for the first time, the tension is so intense. You want to jump Jess right there and then. He is one hot human. Veronica is written with such ease. She is a normal mom trying to keep two , six year olds from killing each other. She has curves and is so down to earth. You want her as your best friend. That is another reason why Marina's books are so good. They are about normal women with curves and a little self doubt but end up being the one the hot guy wants and loves. They pull on the inner beauty to realize that even with the curves and the two kids . She is desirable and wanted and loved There is some mystery that goes along in this book. like Bethany going missing after an agreement with Max. Well one of many arguments and hormones that are raging through Bethany as she muddles the last stages of pregnancy I will recommend this book as a stand alone or as part of the series. If you want to know more about how Bethany and Max come together read book one. And then read this book. These will be a great summer read while sitting at the pool or just relaxing . So give them a try I say you won't be disappointed
review 2: Max and Bethany book 1Veronica and JessVeronica "Ronnie' is a werebear with two twin boys who are also werebear cubs. Her late husband Keith was killed by a hunter and after six long years she is finally read to 'date'. She meets Jess, a human, on and online dating web site. After 6 months he wants to met up but can she do it. Can she actual love a human and risk the condmenation of the clan, risk her childrens furture all for loving or having a relationship with a human.Max flies to Alaska to help find a mate for a member of the Koidak clan. Also he is aware of the Brotherhood, weres against human/were relationships, purists. Bethany is pregnant but follows Max to Alaska under the guise of helping Veronica and Jess.Plenty of action; werebear/human and drama. You get to find out more from the couple in book 1, B and Max, plus get to find out how Veronica and Jess deal. Cuz hey its a romance so a happy ending is in story. *I plan to repost this on Amazon shortly as well. less
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I loved this book. I can't wait for the next one to come out. Marina Maddix is a super writer.
This is a great series. It is a fast-read because you can't stop reading the story!Loved it!
It was just missing....something....
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loved it!
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