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Barbed Wire Baseball (2013)

by Marissa Moss(Favorite Author)
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1419705210 (ISBN13: 9781419705212)
Harry N. Abrams
review 1: This book focuses on the Japanese internment camps that happened here in the United States, but it also can lead into many other thoughts and discussions. This book could be used in a history lesson as well as bring up the idea of making the best out of situations, doing whatever you set your mind to, or even just discussing different hobbies. A text-to-self situation I could bring up with the classroom by using this book would be to ask them how they would feel if they were put into these camps for what seems as though no personal reason. They could also expand on what similar experiences they have had to do with making the best out of situations. A text-to- world strategy that I could do with the class would be to ask students what they know about why the Japanese were p... moreut into these camps and expand on what topics would be similar to that situation. A text-to-text situation that I could use in the classroom would be to ask students if they can think of another book they have read that has to do with what was happening in this time period or anything they can relate to in the books. For older students, I could also have them try to find an article relating to the topics in the book.
review 2: really nice picture book about Kenichi Zenimura, a Japanese-American baseball player in the 1920s and 30's (he met Babe Ruth and Lou Gehrig, in a famous photo where Ruth has his arms resting on the very short Zeni's shoulders!), who with his family was interned with thousands of other Japanese Americans during World War II. He decided to build a baseball field in his camp, from scratch, doing it up right complete with bleachers, and bringing a favorite pastime to the internees. It was also a symbol of hope and freedom for them. Loved the illustrations in this book: large, bold, realistic calligraphy outlines, with warm tans and soft colors in two-page spreads on textured paper--although I would never have believed they were colored in with a computer program had I not read it in the illustrator's notes; they look like watercolors! Great book for baseball fans and history buffs too. less
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An inspiring story of Kenichi Zenimura, with gorgeous pictures and an engaging story.
A perfect example of engaging nonfiction for young people.
Top Ten Sports Books for Youth 2013 (Booklist)
Beehive Nominee 2015
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