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Fünf Regeln Für Mein Zuckersüßes Leben (2011)

by Marjetta Geerling(Favorite Author)
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review 1: Overall this was a fun book. I've known enough people for it to be believable sad as that may be. My only real complaint is that the author probably has never been to Arizona. There is no college named AU. There is U of A (Tucson) ASU (Tempe) and NAU (Flagstaff)and I doubt people commute from Tempe to Cottonwood. It may look close on a map but it isn't. But these aren't things most people would know unless they have lived in AZ. Abby is starting her sophomore year and has developed her own set of rules for romance. She has done this after carefully watching her mom and sisters when it comes to love. To break it down Abby's family truly belongs on Jerry Springer. Her mom has been married twice to her father. And divorced twice. Her stepfather is the same age as her older si... morester. Which isn't that much older than she is. Her stepfather has also dated/ slept with both of her sisters (before he married her mom). And is the baby daddy to one of her sisters. Of yeah and mom just announced she is preggers too. DRAMA!To handle all of this day to day soap opera life she turns to her best friend Cody. Cody is her stable part of life and is always there for her. If only she wasn't in love with his brother who is potential baby daddy #2 for soon to be niece. Jackson swears he isn't the baby daddy and love Abby. But if she stays with him will she ever be able to escape the drama or will she just be another part of the soap opera?Possible pitfalls for book talks: Teen drinking. Teen pregnancy.Notes:Abby- 15 sophomoreCody-turns 16 in book, sophomore, struggles coming out of the closet, gets harassed at schoollocation: Cottonwood, AZ
review 2: haha this book was so amusing. So the main character Abby's sister Kait starts dating this guy and introduces him to her other sister Shelby. He (said guy) then leaves Kait for her sister. When Shelby introduces him to their mom, guess what happens. Haha you guessed it, he leaves the oldest sister the mom. Only then does Kait announce that she is pregnant, and what happens, the guy marries their mom after giving Kait money for an abortion. Meanwhile, Abby (our main character) has to deal with her best friend coming out, and her stepfather living with her family, half of which, has slept with him. They have to fit the three original sisters, the mom, the stepfather (who is called guitar-guy), the oldest sister's toddler daughter from her now divorced husband of three months, and the middle sister's soon to be baby from the stepfather (or is it the main character's love interest Jackson?) You discover this in the first 3 pages, so don't get mad at me for giving anything away. As you can see, these dynamic characters make for a verrrrrrry interesting story. If you compared everyone in her family, Abby may not stand out among her sisters and mother. However, she actually has a lot going on, and therefore makes for a great main character. Her very best friend Cody, is trying to come to terms with the fact that he may be playing for the other team, and has no way to make his family understand, save his brother. Jackson (Cody's brother) makes for a very interesting love interest. Given the doubts Abby has about whether or not Kait's baby is Jackson's, makes it very interesting. But you can see that Jackson clearly is crazy about only one of the sisters. He is sweet, and kind, and not the dumb but hot jock you make him out to be, but he actually has a soul?!?!?! SOOOOOO, in conclusion, you must read this book. The characters are great and so are the family dynamics, because you can never be sure who his sleeping with who's boyfriend/husband. less
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This book was so awesome, funny and cute. Stay tuned for reviews on my blog and channel :)
i loved this book! it was great! i could not stop reading it.
I just ended this book it was very good!
good enough as a first novel
It was differnet.
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