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Ameritopia: The Unmaking Of America (2000)

by Mark R. Levin(Favorite Author)
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review 1: Profound book, this is. Constitutional expert Mark Levin agrees with many of us that the democratic republic that was once America is dead. Utopia in America has taken over.Benjamin Franklin would be tickled that the values of our framers lasted this long. John Adams and Thomas Jefferson, who had nothing to do with the constitution, would be blutterbunged.Influenced by the three biggies of utopianism, and dissected by the master, are Plato's "Republic", Sir Thomas More, "Utopia", and Thomas Hobbes' uniquely-named, "The Leviathan". Levin expertly reveals the fatal flaw in each.The decline of America, of course, is not a recent phenomenon. Teddy "Big Stick" Roosevelt, automaton phenomenon Woodrow Wilson, frivolous Franklin Roosevelt, who delighted every morning in throwing d... morearts at a gold price chart, Lyndon "BirdBrain" Johnson, who despised Negroes but allowed his "boy" to drive his limo, Bill Clinton, who proclaimed, "I did not have sex with that woman" while riding the swells of the Silicon Valley, and now, the master marxist, BHO, in turn took their turns rowing the boat of democracy into the socialist swamps from which the Leviathan emerged."Ameritopia", as all great books, demands a second and third reading. It also demands a handy place on the bookshelf, along with the greatest book ever written.
review 2: Excellent, Excellent, Excellent. I do not listen to Levin's show. I never have--even when it was on the air here, which now it is not. But I have been familiar with him for some time because my mother listened to him. I follow him on social media and have been impressed by his genuine small government stance on important issues. That, along with the blockbuster success of The Liberty Amendments, inspired me to read Ameritopia.I would highly recommend this book to anyone but especially to Americans my age (born in 1970 or after). We grew up in a world of entitlement programs--Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid--and because we were raised with these programs we tend not to question them. Levin takes us back to the beginning and shows us what a genuinely special concept the Constitutional Republic given us by our Founding Fathers truly was and how that concept of government has been eroded for the last one hundred years.I have a master's degree in history and I taught U.S. history for four years at El Paso Community College, but I still learned a lot from Levin's book. I was particularly fascinated with what he had to say about Woodrow Wilson and his progressive view of the Constitution as a "living document" that has shaped our country for the past century.The book was well worth my time; it has helped me to sharpen my perspective of what it really means to be a conservative. less
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A bit text-bookie, but filled with gross examples of the over-extension of our federal government.
Devastating analysis and deconstruction of the foundations of modern Liberal thought
Excellent; Scholarly; Love it!
All voters need to read this.
Must read.
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