FACT #2 – Jade is a criminal

Regardless of how hard she tries to deny or hide this, Jade is a criminal. A career criminal.

It all started sometime in 2014 when Jade was charged with criminal harassment and extortion of a Toronto man by the name of Christopher Payne. Jade struck a deal with the prosecutor and pleaded guilty to criminal harassment while her extortion charge was dropped. Support for this can be found in this published Federal Court decision.

After she received her first slap on the wrist for criminal harassment Jade got smarter. She continued to harass and extort people, but learned to do it anonymously. But in 2015 she slipped again. She was charged with two counts of criminal harassment of a Toronto man by the name of Adam Wylychenko.

At the same time she was charged with criminal harassment of Christopher Payne (again!) and breach of probation. All of these charges are currently outstanding. Proof of these charges and upcoming court dates will be added shortly.

In 2016, Jade was charged with forging a document for her passport application. Jade’s lies and fraud related to her passport application will be covered in a later post.

Fraud, lies, impersonating people and self victimization have become part of Jade’s personality.

The most disturbing aspect of Jade’s conduct is her continued harassment of several people online while she is already sinking under the weight of multiple criminal charges. Probation and bail conditions clearly don’t deter Jade. There are multiple people actively trying to have charges pressed against Jade because there is no other way to stop her. 

She is running around the city trying to find a lawyer who will help her sue the police and the government so that she could make some money. But the reality is that it is Jade who is getting sued and charged. She is being investigated by multiple Toronto Police Service divisions and once she is charged again there will not be any more slaps on the wrist. She knows that the authorities will get to her soon. It’s just a matter of time…

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