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God Is Disappointed In You (2013)

by Mark Russell(Favorite Author)
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review 1: If you've read the Bible through several times (like myself. Ahem: Minor in theology. Thanks, Lee University). Or have never read the Bible, this book is excellent. It's a truthful and non-judgmental synopsis of all 66 books in the Bible, in order. For instance, there is a short chapter on Genesis. Then Exodus, etc. It IS irreverent, though. For instance, God might say something like "Because all you Israelites can't stop the stupid shit you've been up to, I'm giving you these ten easy to follow commandments."Even for those who are not-so-churchy anymore, it was an excellent review. I laughed SO many times throughout this book, and would recommend it to almost anyone (who is not offended by course language).
review 2: I considered giving this book 3 stars bec
... moreause of distracting typos early in the book (does anyone proofread anymore?) and the odd 2-column bible-esque layout, but those don't count as content so I changed to 4 stars. Mark Russell did what I assume is an awesome job retelling the stories/fables/fairytales/whatevers in the bible. I have been surrounded by bible thumpers most of my life and even went to a church or two when I was too young to say no, but in all my years of breathing I have had no clue about the bible beyond what others have told me. If this book is true to form, I think I've been led astray.Let's just put this out there (if you're sensitive about religion, don't read any more because I'm about to utilize my 1st amendment rights): I'm cool with people practicing whatever religion they want to practice, and if Christians want to thump on bibles and call them "true" that's their bidness...but as far as I'm concerned, after reading this book, the bible has a lot of stuff in it that is IMO pure, undiluted hooey.Having said all that, there is a lot of awesome wisdom in the New Testament section where Christ shows up, wisdom that almost none of the bible thumpers seem to embrace. Show of hands: how many of you thought the bible started with Genesis and then immediately afterward told the Jesus story? Yeah, me too. Nope, he doesn't pop up until way far into the book. The earlier parts are circumcisions, Moses laying down gaggles of laws, wars, more circumcisions, incest, murders, temples, more wars, an ark with a stool for god to sit on, mysogyny, the Torah, etc. It's like a bunch of historical and religious essays collected into one volume. How does anyone know where to start? Anyway, I really liked this book and I can't imagine ever cracking open an actual bible after reading it. It feels like Russell just retold what's in the bible, no agendas. I'll never know for sure, but that's okay. less
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Not bad but my Old Testament class at University was more earth shattering
Pretty damn funny. And a surprisingly good cliff's notes, to boot.
Everyone should read this book
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