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Basic Training (2011)

by Marquesate(Favorite Author)
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MLR Press
review 1: 3.7 rounded up! I always like military men and the "taboo" factor of two guys in uniform always adds an extra aspect to M/M romances. I love this story of how Bulldog and Chris get together, it was slow and sweet on the emotional level and quick and steamy on the sex level. The only thing that stopped this from being a solid 4 (even tho I did round up) was the writing sometimes felt a bit odd. I kept reading the same thing over and over simply because it was written multiple times. I was a bit confused at first and thought there was an issue with my e-reader, but nope just the writing style. Nonetheless I'm thrilled about reading other things by Marquesate.
review 2: I don't just love this story and characters, I adore it. Chris and Col are two of the best ch
... morearacters to ever grace the pages of a book. The story is simply about love, the power of love, the price that love can exact and the glory of drowning in it. It says the value of love is for all of us no matter our sexual orientation, our beliefs, or what we do in our careers. Two Royal Marines discover what life is like to get what you want and love who you choose. If you want to feel good, if you want sexy scenes, then do yourself a huge favor, read this. less
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A little too cute and cuddly for my gritty tastes, but an ok book.
Realistic characters + a great story = Loved it!
Fantastic love story. Very touching.
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