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Impossible Rescue, The: The True Story Of An Amazing Arctic Adventure (2012)

by Martin W. Sandler(Favorite Author)
3.72 of 5 Votes: 2
145585185X (ISBN13: 9781455851850)
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review 1: This book is amazing only if you are the type of person that loves and craves survival because this is the ultimate survival book come true while I was just starting this book I instantly felt like I was apart of the book, almost like I was exactly inside the ultimate survival. If you are the survival type then this book has your name written all over it. A captain by the name of Benjamin Tilton also know as "Captain Tilton" had just recently been in a horrible collision with an enormous ice berg in the middle of nowhere in the Arctic ocean where temperatures drop down to a deadly negative 60 or even colder than that at some points on top of all of that Tilton has to try and survive until he reached someone or something that could possibly help him survive the harsh condit... moreions and deadly wild andimals in the Arctic. This book was written by Martin W. Sandler. It is a true story of an amazing arctic adventure. The reason I had chosen this book is because I love survival and this survival story makes me feel like I am actually inside the story trying to survive for myself. This book may be a fiction but if you are a fan of survival then this fiction book will be real to you.
review 2: A good, quick look at a thrilling tale of daring rescue. I bought it during a Youth History sale on Amazon and it looked interesting (I love tales of the Arctic and Antarctic) and I thought it would be appropriate as winter falls on the Midwest.I have to give praise both to the men who blazed the path and to the author, for neither forgot to mention frequently how vital the knowledge, hospitality, generosity, and skill of the indigenous Alaskan peoples was. Often, the white men (inevitably) that went through with these sorts of rescues and adventures often overlooked the help they received from Natives (cough, Lewis and Clark are pigheads), and so, in recounting the story, historians can point out the help, but only from the limited narrative they are given. This is not the case in this work, the adventurers and the author mentioned in great detail all the help from the natives, and I think that makes this a particularly good book for youth.It is also aided by that fact that the doctor on the trip had a new techno-hobby: photography. There are a remarkable number of photos for a) such an arduous journey and b) at this time period. They were great to look at, and really lent strength to the book. less
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Amazing! It's hard to believe this rescue really happened. These guys were ultimate heroes.
The story drags a little but the pictures are amazing. Good for fans of the artic.
Cool story but the book is like 50 pages too long. Zane liked this more than me.
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