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Wounded Earth (2011)

by Mary Anna Evans(Favorite Author)
3.77 of 5 Votes: 2
1456530704 (ISBN13: 9781456530709)
review 1: I was hooked from the opening chapter, both by the engaging protagonist and the riveting plot. The author's crisp, clean writing style propels the story along at a good pace. The point of view shifts from environmental scientist Larabeth McLeod to her deranged stalker. We feel Larbeth’s fear, and her determination to stop a madman bent on destroying the environment and talking a lot of innocent lives. We begin to understand the killer’s obsessions and the circumstances that drove him to insanity. Alongside the gripping action is an intriguing romance, as well as the story of a daughter separated from her mother at birth. A very satisfying read that I’d recommend to anyone who enjoys a good thriller, and anyone interested in environmental issues.
review 2:... more> The common wisdom about thrillers is they are plot driven. To me, this implies that the characters don’t require as much development as other genres, so long as the plot is intense. "Wounded Earth" delivers on plot. Its nail-biting intensity will keep you up late in your eagerness to find out how it ends.However, when evaluating what I liked most about "Wounded Earth," it wasn’t the plot that came to mind. Historically, thrillers and suspense are my favorite genres; I’ve read hundreds, if not thousands. As long as they are executed competently, which this was, it is other things I notice.For "Wounded Earth," what stood out is the development of the main characters, especially the protagonist Larabeth. I’ve found I especially enjoy books with a strong female character. Larabeth is driven, not just towards success, but also to do good and what is right. It would be easy for a character like this who “has it all” to seem unreal. It is her difficult history, both with ex-boyfriend J.D. and skeletons in her closet, that makes Larabeth human and intriguing. It is also why, as a reader, I was pulling for her that much more.**Originally written for "Books and Pals" book blog. May have received a free review copy. ** less
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Thank you Goodreads First Reads for this free book. Looking forward to reading it when I get it.
Very interesting, couldn't put it down. :)
OK story. A little dated.
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