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A Matter Of Time, Vol. 2 (2010)

by Mary Calmes(Favorite Author)
4.32 of 5 Votes: 2
Dreamspinner Press
review 1: Bloody hell, do you need an 'how-to ruin a good series'? do not look any further: 3 & 4 of a Matter of Tim will have you roll your eyeballs out of your sockets, huff and puff and still (annoyingly) you read on. Cause you just want to know what'll happen to Sam & Jory, you want them to get a great happily ever after.*spoiler alert*You know what? not gonna happen.okay they get married. somewhere, no details in the book huh no. Totally skipped that part.*say what?* yes, you heard me NO S & J marriage material.I found it really irritating the way Sam and Dane ignore Jory. They start yelling, squinting, threatening, ....man oh man that really annoyed me. Why would not write normal conversations? I skipped...and skipped....and skipped. and then there would be a nice scene & dece... morent conversation, oh and maybe some emotions. Fabulous.but alas, that was a little in-betweenie, back to the repetitive kidnapping, murder drama (what was the whole thing with the Reids anyway?)anyways, i'm gonna wrap up my rant:too much unwanted 'action' & not enough J&S I'm really disappointed, i was hoping for a great read on how they manage with friends & family & their love. But that was more of the side-note in these 2 parts. Sad
review 2: I liked this volume even more than the first one. Sam grew on me, redeeming himself as he finally manned up and committed to Jory. Jory's antics were alternately endearing and infuriating, needing a pretty hefty suspension of disbelief to swallow. I can see his appeal for so many readers - he still feels a bit Mary Sue to me, but a part of me loved him. I was screaming at them all about who the killer was, but was glad to see Sam, the cop, figure it out finally. Mary Calmes does a good job with secondary characters, and they all added nicely to this story. less
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it was dragged out a lot towards the end, but overall it was a pretty good story. steamy
Loved having books 3 & 4 in one volume!
2.5 to 3 stars
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