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Knot In My Backyard (2014)

by Mary Marks(Favorite Author)
4.17 of 5 Votes: 2
0758292074 (ISBN13: 9780758292070)
A Quilting Mystery
review 1: Dollycas’s ThoughtsI liked Martha Rose the minute I met her in Forget Me Knot, the first book in this series. I can relate because I am 50ish, overweight, love food, hate to cook and a horrible failure when it comes to dieting. This time she gets herself in trouble just by taking a walk. She knows she needs to be more active but finding a dead body just a few minutes from her house may make her reconsider the whole exercise thing.The police of course determine that Martha’s neighbor is the killer because he had an argument with the victim over a monstrosity of a baseball diamond that was built behind their houses. None of the neighbors is happy about all the extra traffic or the noise but Martha knows none of them would commit murder because of it. With a little help f... morerom her friends Lucy and Birdie they come up with enough suspects to fill a baseball roster. Martha Rose is on a mission and detective Beavers is not going to stop her from finding who really hit Dax Martin out of the park – permanently!I started reading this book and couldn’t put it down. Mary Marks has hit a home run with this one. She pitched us a slew of suspects and we followed the clues together striking out one of them at a time until we are totally surprised by who is left on deck. Can you tell I like baseball too? :)The book was so much fun to read. Martha, Lucy and Birdie have their weekly quilting sessions where they talk about everything from quilt squares to politics to the homeless population in their neighborhood. They come up with a fantastic plan to not only help people but a way to hopefully flush out the killer and they get all kinds of attention. Martha even makes a new friend that sort of turns her life upside down in a really good way.Fabulous characters, excellent plot and subplots, some romance, the perfect amount of humor and a setting that is so easy to picture all add up to a grand slam of a mystery. I absolutely loved it!
review 2: Any fan of FORGET ME KNOT, the first book by author Mary Marks, in this Quilters Mystery series, is sure to be a fan of KNOT IN MY BACK YARD.Ms. Marks pens this story with the same enthusiasm as the first title.Protagonist Martha is back, as are her quilting buddies, Lucy and Birdie. These characters continue to fleshed out as the author spends more time with them.The mystery aspect of the story is well done and will keep most guessing until the “whodunit” it revealed.Mixed with the mystery is also angst, and humor. And these characters are very opinionated. LOL They tend to speak their minds very clearly. (Note: If you’re not in to a lot of political talk, this series may not be for you.)Now, this cozy isn’t as “cozy” as most I read. A little bit of a different feel. There is no doubt Mary Marks is a wonderful author. It will be nice to see how this series grows as it moves forward.And for the quilters out there, Ms. Marks includes a quilting tip at the end of the book! less
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I didn't like this book as much as the first in series, but its still a good read.
so cute!!! I just can't say enough about these fun characters!!
review to come Nov 10
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