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Ocean Waves (2009)

by Terri Thayer(Favorite Author)
3.82 of 5 Votes: 4
0738712175 (ISBN13: 9780738712178)
Midnight Ink
A Quilting Mystery
review 1: This was not a bad book in fact I enjoyed it some, but the author just did not develop the characters sufficiently especially the main character Dewey. I never felt that I really understood Dewey's background, her life or personality. (I admit I did not start with book one, but that should not be necessary.) I disliked her adversarial relationship with her sister-in-law Kym and I thought her relationship with Buster read more like a romance than a cozy mystery. The mystery part of the story line was weak with the conclusion seemingly coming out of nowhere. I hoped for more mystery...
review 2: This is the third installment in Thayer's series taking place in Quilters Paridiso. Near the end of the second book, Dewey Pellicano fires her impossible to work with s
... moreister in law Kym. This was the plot line I really wanted to see play out in this book. And while that situation doesn't get "wrapped up" by any means, Thayer does advance the plot. And I'm still interested.The plot line of "Ocean Waves" takes place during a week long quilting seminar. Dewey witnesses a suicide, valuable antiques are stolen, and the militant seminar organizer seems to have it in for Dewey. On top of it all, Dewey must try to polish QPs reputation and learn to quilt herself. Everything must get wrapped up in the 5 day time limit of the seminar/classes. And of course it does. While this is not necessarily a series that stands everything on it's head, it is not predictable and tiring. Good cozy. less
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Aborted at large print page 175.
good mistery. light reading
Cozy mystery.
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