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Lost Daughters (2013)

by Mary Monroe(Favorite Author)
3.87 of 5 Votes: 5
0758274726 (ISBN13: 9780758274724)
review 1: This third book in the "Mama Ruby" series (The Upper Room, Mama Ruby) focuses on Maureen and her daughter Loretta. After the tragic death of Loretta's twin, Maureen vows to do all she can to provide her surviving daughter with anything her heart desires. This not only created a very spoiled Loretta, it also contributed to her being very disrespectful to her mother and treating her with much contempt. In her eyes, Maureen was countrified and gullible. She loved to brag that she would never end up pitiful like her mother. I don't want to give too much away, but I will say that essentially his book is about the devastating consequences of secrets and the pain caused by betrayal. In the end, Loretta ends up with the scornful life she believed her mother would end up livi... moreng - a housewife sitting on the porch with a cat.This was a tedious and quick read. Maureen and her naiveness made me want to throw this book against the wall more than once. In my opinion, it wasn't as enjoyable as its predecessors. However, I do believe that if you are a big fan of the the other two books in this series, you will more than appreciate this one. Monroe definitely sticks to the formula that he many fans know and love.
review 2: I was really pulled into this story that followed on to tell about Maureen's life with her daughter and also a little of Virgil as well. Loretta was a real piece of work, had me wanting to slap some sense into her. I couldn't believe that Maureen had all that going on around her and not the slightest inkling. You could tell she had her daughter's best interest at heart to go against her own feeling and sacrifice her true happiness. I think there was a little something wrong with her women' intuition though, she should have been able to sniff out the rat, if not at first then definitely over the long period of time it was in her presence. There has to be another installment of the Mama Ruby saga, I'm not ready for it to end and I know there are many points that developed in the story that can most definitely be built upon for another book or two... or three ;-). I'd definitely recommend this story, but make sure you've read the other books related to Mama Ruby first. less
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It was hard for me to keep an interest in this book. It started slow and had a very typical ending.
This book started slow but it eventually picked up. Book club read for July
Very good follow up in the series...enjoyed it...
This book was ok although a little predictable.
Having hard time putting it down
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