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Galway Bay (2009)

by Mary Pat Kelly(Favorite Author)
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0446579009 (ISBN13: 9780446579001)
Grand Central Publishing
review 1: The idea of this book intrigued me, as my g-g-grandmother immigrated from Galway. However, I was not prepared for a 550 page long "sweeping family saga"! As one Amazon reviewer wrote: "Galway Bay is many stories - a love story, a story of the history of Ireland and the Great Starvation, a story of courage, faith, devotion, family, community and the undying spirit of a land and it's people." The detail & history of the 'before times' & the 'great starvation' was overwhelming. I personally felt it was too much for me! Beautifully written, I would have been happier if it were broken up into a series of books rather than one large one. Especially since once they arrive in the US, there seemed to be fewer details. It would be nice if there were a TOC, to show that there was a g... morelossary of Irish terms at the back of the book! It would also be nice to have an appendix which listed what parts & people in the story are actually true.
review 2: I so enjoyed this book!It was a bit slow at the start, and seemed overly romantic to me. That quickly changed though as I continued.The scope of this book follows the lives of an Irish family from their early years in Galway Bay, Ireland to "Amerikay."At times the book was painful to read. The potato famine, the poverty and starvation....and mans cruelty to the plight of the Irish was shocking.The family commitment to survive and to remember their roots and their faith survived severe adversity. The author, Mary Pat Kelly was told family lore, by her Aunt, a 107 year old nun. So, this book is based on real events n her family.If you want a "good read"..please consider this winner! less
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Enjoyed this one for a good while, but lost interest after their emigration to the US.
Liked the first half in Ireland better than the second half in America
Enjoyed this book. Slow for me at first then I hated to put it down
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