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The Amazing Interlude (1918)

by Mary Roberts Rinehart(Favorite Author)
3.86 of 5 Votes: 2
1592243568 (ISBN13: 9781592243563)
Wildside Press
review 1: What an amazing journey this novel is. Wildly improbably, ludicrously romanticized, but so heartfelt and absorbing nonetheless. I have really enjoyed discovering Mary Roberts Rinehart's works over the last few months, and I am amazed at the variety of writing she could do. Mystery, comedy, and this poignant romance. I know I will read this novel again and agonize with Sara Lee as she braves the dangers of war and falls in love with a man who is worthy of her.
review 2: This book came to me through Project Gutenberg. I thank them especially for the work they do. Sara Lee, a young American girl, went to the battlefront in France during WWI. There she started the little house of mercy where wounded soldiers found succor for a few hours each night. A young All
... moreied spy used the little house and Sara to send messages to headquarters. Through the spy and Sara Lee, contrasts between nationalities were made. She was engaged to an American but fell in love with the spy. The once in a lifetime love they shared proved them both to be honorable and brave. Mrs. Rinehart's books have stood the test of time. She writes of things as pertinent today as they were in the early twentieth century. She had a command of language that never goes out of style. less
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I thought this book was sweet and old fashioned if a little slow (and maybe a tad boring).
Why did they never make a movie of this book? It's a blockbuster waiting to happen.
Soup.Halfway through. Giving it up. Boring.
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