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When A Man Marries (1909)

by Mary Roberts Rinehart(Favorite Author)
3.85 of 5 Votes: 4
0554002140 (ISBN13: 9780554002149)
review 1: When she agreed to help a friend deceive his maiden aunt by posing as his wife, Kit never guessed the trouble that would follow. Quarantined along with a group of society's elite, including her friend's aunt and his former wife, due to exposure to smallpox, Kit soon finds herself in the midst of a series of crazy events including several burglaries, bungled escape attempts and a slew of mysterious occurrences...with a little romantic confusion, too! Who is stealing from the household? The same man she suspects of kissing her on the stairwell or someone else? Events gradually grow more and more strange and the solution more murky until the final chapters of the book when all is revealed and Kit determines whether or not the man who both attracts and repels her so much i... mores worth her heart.Filled with Rinehart's trademark suspense and action, this book may not be one of her best but it is still a satisfactory, entertaining read.
review 2: I know people who gnash their teeth about e-readers, but the Kindle has been responsible for introducing me to some really great pre-copyright authors, and Mary Roberts Rinehart (aka "the American Agatha Christie") is a prime example. She was one of the most popular and prolific writers of her time. How had I never heard of her? If I had to wait for someone to publish her again her "on dead tree," I probably never would have. so thank you, Kindle! (Oh, and it cost zero dollars and zero cents, also a bonus).This book was silly, but so much fun. A group of friends are quarantined together in a house in New York City, and one is, due to a series of events, pretending to be married to another. There is a little mystery, a little romance. Silly, but fun. less
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It has been a while since I read this but I remember it being not too bad of a read..
not bad for a freeby. I highly recommend u try it. very entertaining :-)
Not one of her best. Convoluted, but I finished it to discover the end.
Rather silly and boring. First book by her that I have not liked
Not much of a mystery, but a great comedy.
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