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The Street Of Seven Stars (2007)

by Mary Roberts Rinehart(Favorite Author)
3.29 of 5 Votes: 3
1406839310 (ISBN13: 9781406839319)
Echo Library
review 1: I can only blame myself for not particularly enjoying this book. Having read Rinehart’s ‘The Circular Staircase’ and knowing her to be called the American Agatha Christie, I assume all her novels were the same detective/mystery genre. Wrong! I managed to pick one an anomaly of the bunch and only took the time to glance at blurb rather than read it, doing so may have caused me to realise beforehand and avoid disappointment! Simply put, this story wasn’t for me, I found it quite boring. The irony is that I chose it because I felt I hadn’t read a truly decent book recently and could rely on this author to provide one!I didn’t warm to the characters, finding the first of the main ones feeble and the second saintly to the point it became sickly.The ending was i... morenevitable the whole way through, however (being perhaps half asleep!) I didn’t see the way in which it would come to be encouraged, so that at least was something.I will definitely be reading another Mary Roberts Rinehart, but this time I will make sure it’s of the right genre!
review 2: Of course it's odd to keep filing these books as "historical," since they were contemporary when they were written -- at least for the most part -- but I think that's part of their appeal for me now.This is a sweet romance; while there are plenty of the typical plot twists to keep the characters apart, somehow they don't seem nearly so contrived as they often do in modern stories. Maybe because, at the time, they weren't?A nice little story to read at bedtime and while in the bath, if you'd like to think of days gone by and so on and so forth. less
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Interesting discovery. I will read more of her books.
This book was barely tolerable. Nothing happened.
Harmony is a very annoying character.
Enjoyed it is a peaceful romance
Shades of Edith Wharton
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