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Odette Secrets Maryann MacDonald 9781599907505 (2000)

by Maryann Macdonald(Favorite Author)
3.99 of 5 Votes: 4
Bloomsbury Children's Books
review 1: In ' Odette's Secrets' by Maryann Macdonald there is a young girl named Odette who is affected by World War II. The Nazi's are attacking Paris and Jews are having to hide all around the country. Odette and her family are Jews, so Odette is sent away to the countryside until it is safe to return. This means that she has to leave all the people she loves behind, her mum, dad (who is fighting in the French army), her godmother Madame Marie, and her godfather Henri. While reading this heart warming story you will able to understand Odette's feelings and follow her through her travels.I found that this book used a lot of figurative language and there was definitely a theme being told. There were several possibilities for themes. Some of which included that no matter what you ... morebelieve or where you are from, you should never let anyone throw you about and always believe what you want to believe. This book was written in the perspective of Odette using first person.This book was very interesting and I would definitely recommend this book for others. People that enjoy reading about the World War's or any type of war would find this book interesting. After reading this book, I would rate it four out of five.
review 2: This was a very different book for me. This is a bluebonnet book this year for school and I did not think that my son would read it on his own, so I read it with him. We had a great time reading this together. It is about the the Holocaust but it has a better ending than most. It is also written in poem. That was a great change of how a book was written for me. This book really brought up great conversation between the two of us as well. less
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Wonderful book very informing yet creative I would defiantly recommend this
Six words:Reinventing herself, keeping secrets, surviving war.
Innocent and pure.
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