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Gated II: Ravenhill Academy (2013)

by Matt Drabble(Favorite Author)
3.85 of 5 Votes: 3
Eden Publications
review 1: Some of you may have seen my review of the first Gated book, if not, and you haven’t read book one, go read it!Now, I said some things in my first review and I’m pleased to say they do not apply to book two in the slightest!Book one was a little much for me with over-description and a bit too much filler. I struggled to keep my attention on it and due to that, I didn’t enjoy it as much as I could have. It was still enjoyable but it reeked of a Steven King fan.I am happy to say Matt Drabble is the kind of author who listens to his reviewers, talks to them and builds on the information they give him. He’s still a relatively new author but he sees what people want and he gets on board with it. Gated II is slightly faster paced, interesting in it’s description and ac... moretually the imagery really works well! I think everyone has their own Ravenhill Academy image, either from a building they’ve seen as a child or in a film.Each character is lovingly nurtured and you will find yourself worrying about them in their various situations. Whilst some of the characters are the unlikeable types, you still find yourself rooting for them and hoping for the best outcome.As much as I enjoyed the book, it could have been scarier, the story has the potential to be scary but I kind of like the way it is. It’s suitable for young teens and adults whilst still being nasty enough to be horror. I like the idea of it and it really hooks you in towards the end.Personally I’m impressed, I want to see more from Matt Drabble and I really hope he carries on the way he’s going. This book shows improvement and a growing confidence and as soon as he finds his feet there may be no stopping him! Come on Matt, show us what you’ve got!
review 2: I received the book from the author for an honest review.What an incredible book! Not to mention the many layered plot filled with many twists and secrets. The craftiness of every scene as it keeps your interest throughout. With very strong and interesting characters that makes it believable, not to mention the bizarre cruelty of the unexpected as the story unfolds.The story' s steady build up had enough tension in and it spurs you on to come to the conclusion. It simply draws you into the dark world of men and their ever growing need for power. Good versus evil is the main topic of the plot, and the hold evil can have when you are susceptible to its poison. Willing and unwilling sacrifices in blood that turns good hearts to do evil's bidding. At the end a sacrifice did save the day but at the end you are left with a clue of things yet to come. Maybe another book is in the making?I'm not a horror fanatic, if I have a choice, horror is not even on the bottom of the list. But, - always a but - this is the second book that I have read from the author Matt Drabble, and once again his story telling captured my imagination as I leaved through the pages of this book, the follow up on Gated: Welcome to Eden Gardens. His focus is on the fact that good can win evil, no matter how derange that person or persons can be. That in sacrifice you can find the peace you are longing for. Even if deception is clouding you, you can still come out a winner.As in the case of Sarah Jane Mears; one of the survivors of the first book, Gated this is very true. A young woman that hides away in a small village in England to get away from her own dark secrets as fears and panic attacks strips her from her own true self. Hiding away the secrets of Eden and her nightmares. Ten years have passed, ten years that lingered in her thoughts and dreams, always questioning the when and the how it will come to the light. Knowing there was a price to pay for the blood on her hands.After such a long time of self inflicted isolation she finally started to make friends, even had some romantic notions to another teacher, Stuart. But when ghosts started to appear, and people started to act out of character she knew her time has come to save the day. When Ravenhill woke up, this strong woman was ready for the fight. Ravenhill was wrapped in a long history of death, violence, suicides, ghosts, greed and hatred. A history that attracted evil men to its doors.When a new pupil arrives at this formidable school the game changed. Joshua Bradley was a American boy, 13 years old, blond, blue eyes that loves to help his fellow students and with a uncanny knowledge of the Scriptures. Evil lurked in his depths as he pulled the strings of children, teachers and parishioners within the small village close by. It's seldom that I find such a young villain, but this one had me guessing for a long time before I saw through his mask. I think the author did a wonderful work creating this youngster, making him lovable and likable throughout until you look deeper, and; well you need to read the book...Christmas is a time to be jolly, of a white Christmas, singing chorals, spending it with family or loved ones and receiving presents. But the children at this school received none of that, except for the white...but that's the closest to a serene holiday they would come. Instead they were cut of, mind controlled and murderers doing one sick man's bidding.Don't be fooled with the cover of this book. It is as deceptive as the book itself that will draw your interest from the start as the author lures you in at the front door leading you to guts and gore in its darkest corners; justifying the horror genre. Don't think that the cover is any indication that this is a book for children, because its not. Yes, it plays off in a school, yes, children are involved but that's where it stops. The fire from the school's roof is a good indication that all isn't well in this sleepy place with its mysteries embedded in the inside of its stony walls.A compelling story, with a great plot, fast paced with enough tension not to make it over bearing; especially for a reader like me. It will be best to read the first book before you continue with book 2. You will have a better grasp of the plot and Tolan Christian's power hunger at the end.Once again thank you for the opportunity Matt. less
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What a great sequel to Gated. I really like this author and can't wait to read more of his books.
A little too far fetched for my personal tastes but still a good read that keeps you gripped.
What a great follow up to Gated really thought provoking I just loved it.
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