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Asylum (2000)

by Matt Drabble(Favorite Author)
3.77 of 5 Votes: 5
review 1: Great collection of short stories. I purchased this for my Kindle Fire....... and I'm not sure if it is a Kindle problem, or a book problem.......but there are quite a few sentences missing a word here and there throughout the entire book. I enjoyed this book because I read in small time increments........and the short story style of this book worked out well for me. I could read one of the 13 stories while I was on break at work! If you like that style of book....add this to your "to read" list! :-)
review 2: I really enjoyed this book. Set in a psychiatric hospital it is the story of Martin, a once aspiring journalist who, following recuperation after an accident, begins work at the hospital as a cleaner on the night-shift. On his first night he meets Jimmy,
... more his supervisor, who regales him with the history of the hospital and takes him to meet 12 of the patients, each withe their own terrifying tale to tell. Beware the sti ng in the tail though. less
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Just ok, I read it slowly, and without too much interest.
It was a harmless, easy read. Will read more by him.
This was free on Amazon and I really enjoyed it.
Well written and very enjoyable.
Good Book, really enjoyed it.
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