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A Deadly Wandering: A Tale Of Tragedy And Redemption In The Age Of Attention (2014)

by Matt Richtel(Favorite Author)
3.94 of 5 Votes: 1
0062284061 (ISBN13: 9780062284068)
William Morrow & Company
review 1: Next time you go out to drive somewhere, please put your cellphone in the trunk of your car! Part detective story, part science book, part story of human redemption, this book covers the aftermath of a tragic event in which a 19 year old, texting while driving, killed two men on their way to work. I found the science chapters the most interesting as the science behind focus and distractibility was explained. In short, there is no safe use of a cell phone in your car - not checking messages, not calling, not hands free calling, and certainly not texting. Not one of us would think it was ok to drink and drive but this is exactly how dangerous calling (even hands free!) is and texting is almost twice as dangerous. The book also goes on to talk about our society's addicti... moreon to technology more generally - internet, video games, Facebook, etc. I think the Frosties will all be putting technology on hold over the Christmas holidays. . . A great read and I highly recommend it.
review 2: In 2006, a young man in Utah was texting as he drove and caused the death of two men. This book traces the journeys of the texter, the victims' families, and legal and law enforcement staff involved in the case. At the same time, it also traces the history of psychology distraction research. This is a dense, intense book, and I plowed through it in two days -- I could not put it down. The stories were very well woven, and despite the author's attempts at being unbiased, I found myself crying (in public) several times. I related strongly to both the texter and the victims' families. This was a fascinating read on both a personal and intellectual level. Most importantly, it has made me think how handy I keep my mobile phone while driving. :/// less
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Important book. I wish everyone with a cell phone and a car would read it.
Interesting, but a little long.
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