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The Influence (2000)

by Matt Slick(Favorite Author)
4.14 of 5 Votes: 4
review 1: Great read on spiritual warfare. The writing, however appears to be too rythmically repetitive with most sentences the same length, and euphemisms repeated too many times. The Salvation message overwhelms the story in the last third,perhaps a turnoff to the non Christian. However, I will let the Lord use this as he very well might to bring people to Christ. The last chapter is a detailed explanation on how to be saved, which could be quite useful. It does have great thriller qualities ala Peretti. The basicsalvation message is spot on, but not the reason I chose to read it.
review 2: Great story line and purpose for this book. The only criticism is it's written probably somewhere around a middle school level. Don't let the number of pages concern you as it's
... more a very fast read. However the message is great - God has a reason for everything and purpose for your life. Also that becoming a Christian doesn't necessarily mean life will get easier, most likely more difficult as God may put you through trials to bring you to the right place. Loved the use of angels and demons to explain how humans are influenced. less
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its a bit predictable if you've read The Shack but just different enough that it kept my attention
I thought this was a great book!! I really enjoyed it!!
no real story line - just poorly masked evangelization.
Wow, what an insight. Loved this book :)
dad 2/6
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