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The Resurrectionist (2014)

by Matthew Guinn(Favorite Author)
3.49 of 5 Votes: 3
0393348814 (ISBN13: 9780393348811)
W. W. Norton & Company
review 1: Three and a half stars, but not quite four. So much in here is good: the characters of Jacob and Nemo, the historical background, the true and fascinating story of bodysnatching on behalf of medical schools. And then so much rang false: the utterly perfect girlfriend (flawless people never seem real), the dumb cover-up and heartless railroading by the school's administration, and the sudden resolution that seemed like the bad Hollywood ending of a mediocre movie. This is NOT a mediocre book, though, and most of it was absorbing and appealing. One last complaint: the death/life, basement/fresh air, darkness/bright sunlight symbolism got far too heavy-handed by the end. No need to go so over the top!
review 2: I’m getting a little tired of books that alternate
... morechapters/characters but this book was not as annoying as I’ve found some to be. The characters are well developed and worthy of the reader’s empathy. By far the best plot was that of the 1860’s with a climatic chapter that caught me by surprise. I should have seen it coming but to my embarrassment, I didn’t. Gross and a bit creepy at times it was good entertainment. It’s worth your time to read this short novel. less
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good story but pretty graphic operation descriptions
Fascinating story with excellent characters
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