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Vacation (2011)

by Matthew J. Costello(Favorite Author)
3.27 of 5 Votes: 4
0312680074 (ISBN13: 9780312680077)
Thomas Dunne Books
review 1: Fans of "The Walking Dead" will gobble up this sci-fi/horror story. It's the future, and something has caused the extinction of plants and animals and triggered certain people to become cannibals or "Can Heads" who turn on other humans for food. After surviving an attack while on duty, Detective Jack Murphy and his family retreat to a safe zone to join other families for a little rest and relaxation. But are they really out of danger, or just a Can Head picnic away from a gruesome end? If you're looking for a quick read that's easy to swallow, you'll devour "Vacation." - Candy V.
review 2: Okay, I really wavered between three and four stars for this one. I really disliked the writing style - the author takes short, choppy sentences to the extreme, but the
... moreplot was so intense than I read it in one sitting, even though I knew early on where it was going, and what the end was going to be. It would make a great movie. Really, though? You had to call your zombies "Can Heads"? Worst name for zombies ever. less
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Short and predictable...however, it's still a fun read.
Garbage. Don't read. Disgrace to living dead books.
a good book, fast pace good to the last drop
It was a decent book. That is all.
Really 3.5 stars.
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