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The Batman Files (2011)

by Matthew K. Manning(Favorite Author)
4.76 of 5 Votes: 2
1449408222 (ISBN13: 9781449408220)
Andrews McMeel Publishing
review 1: The concept is Bruce Wayne has returned to Gotham City after the events of the Infinite Crisis and feels the need to leave a record of Batman's career for the next wearer of the mantle.Matthew K. Manning does a terrific job of giving an overview of the post-Crisis On Infinite Earths Batman's comic book life, incorporating personal journal entries, Arkham Asylum patient write-ups, newspaper articles, etc., weaving the various comics we've enjoyed over the decades into a narrative that chronicles the Dark Knight's crusade against crime.I would have liked to have seen more from the "New Look" era, but that's my personal fave, as well as more on Bruce's struggle to return from the distant past where Darkseid sent him. Those who pay attention to creator credits will get a smil... moree from the "authors" of the articles.Speaking of creator credits, I would have liked to have seen some attribution of the art credits.This book is not only entertaining, but is heavy enough to improve your biceps while you read. The production is top-notch and I hope we'll see more books about other DC characters.
review 2: Wow. This is one of the most impressive books I've ever made my way through. First of all, if you're not a fan of Batman in general, don't bother. I suppose it's possible that looking through this Bat-pedia might make a fan out of someone, but nuts to that. This is a book for fans. And it is just that; a Bat-pedia. It tells the facts of Batman from his inception into the present, and it does so in beautiful detail. It's an encyclopedia for Batman-lovers and a manual for would-be Batmans. It doesn't lay out every dimension of the Batmobile, but it comes eerily close. At this point in the comic cycle of Gotham's Dark Knight, it would be fairly difficult to read the entire story. It branches off at points, it contradicts itself, and at times it becomes almost too ridiculous to actually read. Add to this the cartoon series, the multiple movies, and a few excellent video games, and you have a world that has little cohesion but loads of entertainment. With the Batman Files, Manning has attempted to tell a certain timeline, and while even it doesn't hold up to super-scrutiny, it's incredible to read through. It's dense, full of information, and one of the most visually pleasing books I've ever held in my hands. I want so much to have it in my own collection just for its aesthetic appeal, but alas I can not afford to spit out a hundred bucks for one book. I'll leave it to my library to foot that expense. But I'm glad they did because this book just feels...important. Yes, he's just a guy in a fancy bat-suit, but as a symbol, he's so much more than that. The Batman Files delivers that importance. less
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Five stars if you're a batman fan. Doubt anyone else will care.
great history of Bruce's files in this realistic journal
nice book a little wordy for batman fans though.
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