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House Of Mystery, Vol. 1: Room And Boredom (2009)

by Matthew Sturges(Favorite Author)
3.77 of 5 Votes: 3
1401220797 (ISBN13: 9781401220792)
House of Mystery
review 1: The venerable anthology series got a gruesome grown-up reboot in 2008. This collection uses a wraparound tale that tells the story of the house itself, a place where visitors from many worlds and era can meet to have a drink, share stories, and perhaps be doomed. To pay their tab at the house, visitors tell stories of varying degrees of madness. Unfortunately, the downside is that the anthology stories, which range from silly to downright horrifying, are necessarily so brief that they're inconsequential. In between these stories, the authors weave a wraparound story about the house itself, focused on a young woman who finds herself in the crummy position of permanent resident. It's a good introduction to the series, with plenty of horror and mystery on its own; worth ... morea read, but I've not decided yet if I'll pick up the next volume.
review 2: This is another of those graphic novels where the reader must have an excellent memory for details, or save them up and read one after the other. The story is detailed and complex, about the worlds between worlds. About the House of Mystery that's always there. The house once belonged to a certain person who killed his brother (and in the Sandman comics kills him repeatedly). In fact, if you enjoyed Sandman by Neil Gaiman you probably love House of Mystery. less
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not quite 5 stars, but I really want to see where it goes. wondering why vol 2 is so hard to find...
Over all really good. I liked the short stories. And am intrigued to find out more about fig.
Damn it! It's so good & odd & mysterious...I must read the following trades!
Weird but Awesome!
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