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The Fantastic Family Whipple (2013)

by Matthew Ward(Favorite Author)
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159514689X (ISBN13: 9781595146892)
review 1: Arthur Whipple is born (one day early to share their common birth date) into a family that is dedicated to breaking world records, in a society even more obsessed with success than ours. His parents and siblings break records every day, it seems, but not Arthur, whose failures make him feel as though he's not even a family member. Then two things happen: A new family moves nearby and their daughter Ruby seems to like Arthur, and disasters start to strike the family, not least of which is losing events to Ruby's family, the Goldwins. Also, Arthur's father seems to have a secret in his past involving Mr. Goldwin. Then an award-winning detective blames the family chef for all the problems the family has, though Arthur is sure he's innocent. Book 2 is promised on the last... more page, and there are certainly plenty of loose ends to tie up. For a more humorous look at the woes of an average kid in a family of high achievers, there's also Helen Cresswell's wonderful first novel in the Bagthorpe series, Ordinary Jack.
review 2: My sons and I both thoroughly enjoyed this book--laugh out loud funny and full of puns. A fun read, which my middle schooler has read more than once and I read aloud with my elementary school child who loved it. We eagerly anticipate the sequel. I was a bit disgruntled that it did not say part 1 of a series, but the author, Matthew Ward, was so kind when I wrote him asking about the sequel that I am not holding it against him. Sounds like a publisher decision anyway. less
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This book had a great, fun story... no spoiler here, but I thought it was a bit too long.
Super fun to listen with the kids.
Book 2 coming out Fall 2014
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