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Romancing The M.D. (2011)

by Maureen Smith(Favorite Author)
4.24 of 5 Votes: 5
0373862296 (ISBN13: 9780373862290)
Harlequin Kimani
review 1: Where is my Victor? Victor and Tamara are medical students who are always at each other's throat. Both strong willed, high stung and feeling they are right, the two cohorts never seem to coexist. One night there is a terrible storm, Tamara has no car, Victor only has a motorcycle, neither has an umbrella. What is there to do? Go back into the hospital, and spend the night together. They spend the night talking and eventually fall asleep. After the storm passes Victor and Tamara go their separate ways. Just because the two split does not mean that their minds won't wander to each other. Once they spend the night together could their relationship go back to the disagreeable one?
review 2: I found this to be an very enlightening story. It had a different take on
... moreracism and love. Victor was a hottie waiting to be picked. There was a clear stereotype going on with the super fine intern and the staff of the hospital. Dr. St. John was a temptation that Dr. Aguilar could not resist. Love crosses the boundaries set by others. This is a classic case in opposites attract. The battle is masking true feelings of desire hotter than the sun. less
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My 1st by Maureen Smith but will not be my last. Very well written love the writers style!
Well written with a twist on perspective regarding different ethnicities.
Great read..I love Maureen Smith
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