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Fuck My Life And You Thought You'd Had A Bad Day (2009)

by Maxime Valette(Favorite Author)
3.75 of 5 Votes: 5
Michael O'Mara Books Ltd
review 1: This was a very quick read that left me thinking that it was meant to be a "bathroom" book.I thought for a few of the FML moments that could relate to them! Then there were the ones that made me sad for the people that wrote them, and finally there were the moments that I just couldn't believe happened.It's ok read - but better to tune in on their website instead of having it all in one book.
review 2: This book seems like it is a collection of twitter stories. You can fit three or even four complete stories onto one page. You wont find much intellectual stimulation in this book but there are a lot of awesome stories of everyday fails."Today I was arrested because my six year old son called the police, saying that I was hitting my wife and that she was crying
... more. My wife and I had been having sex.""Today my parents met my boyfriends parents for the first time...bailing us out of jail." less
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Most of the stories in it were funny, but there were some that i couldnt get.
Good, quick read that'll make you feel better about yourself.
...on page 50
at coles
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