We gathered together under the Coldness of a Dark Moon Night

As we entered into the GraveYard we sprinkled a mixture of


Which followed us with the aroma of a musky flavor much like the reminiscent of the scent held within a Tomb

Taking special care we took some of the GraveYard dirt from specific graves

Those graves that would place favor upon our Spells

As soon before this Dark Moon turns into New a night of Black Magick awaited us

Be wary of the dirt you might choose to take…

One night you may wake up finding yourself wandering in the Darkness of a GraveYard

Dirt is handled gently from Graves of the dead for they all lived their lives with great differences and attributes

If you want to place a Spell on someone to put them in danger to hex or curse you would cast a Spell using dirt from a person who lead a bad evil life such as a murderer a sinner or a thief

Want youth…use GraveYard dirt from the grave of a baby

A Spell for health GraveYard dirt from a Doctor or Nurse

…and so on

Dirt you are from the deepest dark of a grave

Moonless is the night black magick tonight we crave

Upon your grave a black feather 3 thorns and your earth we wave

GraveYard Dirt is one of the most forceful of all Magickal Hexing Elements

Legends tell us its powers can be used for both Good and Evil


If you wish to bring Peace and Harmony into your life

Take GraveYard Dirt from the grave of a Holy and Religious person

Many Sorcerers prefer that type of dirt from the American Indian’s Holy Man (but it will not be an easy task to walk upon the Indian’s sacred ground to retrieve it)

Once you have the dirt burn it together nightly with any Red color Incense


Mix GraveYard dirt from an evil person’s grave with an evil oil called Damnation Oil

Mix it into a paste like substance

Then smear that paste on your enemy’s doorknob

He will then touch the paste as he turns the doorknob and your spell will have thus begun

Your enemy will become sluggish sleepy and have lack of energy

Help YourSelf
Curse Others
or use it for

…the choice is yours!

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