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During the month of December, jKo Cosmetics was running a 25 days of Christmas sales event, as well as a competition for PR members in which the member with the most code uses would receive a huge package of jKo products. I picked up a ton of items during the sale, and I ended up winning the competition, so I have so many new products to fill you guys in on! That being said, although some of these products were sent to me for free (all thanks to you lovely supporters!), my opinions are not influenced by this in any way.

jKo launched so many wonderful seasonal products and new releases, and among them were some seasonal scented lotions. I tried out two of these, the Charleston Body Smoothie and the Santa’s Cookies Body Smoothie. The Charleston is a caramel scent that smells like delicious candy and Santa’s Cookies smells like sugar cookies. The scents are definitely true to the way that they are described, and live up to expectations. They are very sweet scents that are perfect for the holiday season or year round! These are super moisturizing lotions which left my skin soft and smelling amazing!

Another seasonal item was the Candy Cane Lane body mousse, which was a peppermint scent. This body mousse was just as moisturizing as the others I have tried, and is perfect for all of those winter skin issues. I love the candy cane scent, which is refreshing without being overpowering. The red color is beautiful as well.

I also got to try out some body oils, one brand new scent “Rose Gold Riches 2.0”, and one which was just revamped, called “Golden Nugget”. Rose Gold Riches is as beautiful shade of pink and smells like a tropical forest, with notes of strawberry and mango while Golden Nugget is a beautiful golden color with a delicious oatmeal & honey scent. Both oils leave the skin with a subtle glow that lasts all day while moisturizing it as well.

In this haul, I also discovered some of my favorite jKo products, which were their new matte lipsticks. They deliver beautiful pigment, with a long-lasting and non-drying formula. I tried out “madNess” which is a true red shade, and “Essence”, which is the perfect nude. This is one of my favorite formulas for matte lipsticks that I have ever tried, and I have been using them pretty frequently. I can’t wait to see if jKo decides to expand their shade range, as I’ll be the first to buy if they do.

I also tried out some more of their glosses, which have long been a favorite of mine as well. I received Diamond Girl, which is a gorgeous silver gloss with a ton of sparkle. I was also sent Disco, a golden shade with 10 different types of glitters which leaves the lips with more sparkle than any gloss I’ve tried before. The last of the glosses was Coffee Bean, a deep brown shade with a subtle hint of sparkle which is perfect for an everyday look.

I was also fortunate enough to receive my first ever skin care product from jKo, their Pristine Potion. This is a moisturizer which is meant to help with acne and discoloration while adding moisture to the skin. I have absolutely fallen in love with this product, and use it on a daily basis. I use it as a moisturizer at night, as a primer beneath my makeup, and in the morning for a fresh face. This serum gives me that natural glow that I always strive for and as a primer it gives my makeup a fresh and dewy look. I never even gave this product a second thought because it didn’t look like something I needed, but trust me, you NEED it. I can’t go through my day without this little bottle of magic.

Last but definitely the most exciting (for me, anyways) is my gorgeous choker collaboration that I created with jKo. I was part of the process with these chokers from choosing the material, to the colors, to the names, and I could not be happier with the outcome. These chokers are perfect for a sparkly touch to an everyday outfit, or a complimentary touch to a dressed up outfit. These exemplify everything I love accessory wise, and jKo definitely knocked it out of the park with them.  There are four chokers in this collection “The Plastics”, an icy white choker; “You Can’t Sit With Us”, a blood-red choker, “So Fetch”, a bubblegum pink choker; and “Glen Coco”, a bluish purple choker. Each is glittery and glamorous, and they are stand-out pieces for sure. I haven’t seen chokers like this anywhere else. Of course you could say I’m biased because I helped create them, after all, but I truly think you guys will love them as well!

I was enamored with each item in my package as I usually am when ordering from jKo, and I can honestly say I haven’t gone a day without using one of them since I got my order. I am so excited to see what jKo has in store for the future, and I hope you guys are as well!

What’s your favorite item from jKo? Do you see anything you’re dying to get? Let me know below, and don’t forget my code RYLEE saves you 15%!


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