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The (Totally Not) Guaranteed Guide To Popularity (2014)

by Megan McCafferty(Favorite Author)
3.21 of 5 Votes: 4
0316373621 (ISBN13: 9780316373623)
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Jessica Darling's It List
review 1: I love Jessica Darling, and I thought this prequel was so much fun. I loved seeing how Jess becomes the person she is in the later books. I really enjoyed this less cynical, 7th grade Jessica, who still has hilarious observations but is more vulnerable and more eager to connect with her sister than in the later books. I love how she seems so smart and capable one minute and then misunderstands something or completely bumbles through a situation in the next. A quick, laugh-out-loud funny read. Can't wait for the next book!
review 2: As a (HUGE) fan of the Jessica Darling books, I was beyond excited when I heard that Megan McCafferty was going to write a few prequels to the Sloppy Firsts series. After finishing the first one (Jessica Darling's IT List), I am so h
... moreappy that she did! This book was hilarious - it definitely had me laughing out loud! I also appreciated Jessica's self-discovery throughout the book - overall, a great middle-grade read. I'm so excited I can share JD with my sixth graders! less
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This was such a fun read. Funny, breezy, quirky. It's going to be loved to death at my school.
Jessica Darling as a middle schooler = still awesome. How could she not be?
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