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The Wedding Cake Tree (2012)

by Melanie Hudson(Favorite Author)
4.06 of 5 Votes: 5
review 1: This emotional, romantic novel was a joy from beginning to end. Grace is a celebrity photographer mourning her beloved mother. But when her mother’s will is read she’s stunned to learn Rosamund has left detailed instructions she’ll have to fulfil in order to inherit the home she grew up in. For 2 weeks she has to travel the country dictated by a series of letters her mother has left with the man who must accompany her. Alasdair is a Royal Marine and old friend of her mother. He’s worn out by war and like Grace is at a crucial point in his life. Together they uncover the many secrets Grace’s mother kept and learn things about themselves they could never have suspected. I loved the journey they went on, both physical and emotional and was rooting for them on so ma... moreny different levels. This story will draw you in and not let go until the last page.
review 2: I downloaded this book for free from the Amazon Kindle shop via Indie Book Bargains. Grace Buchanan, a celebrity photographer, is recently bereaved and as a single child, has been summonsed to the reading of her late mother’s will. Much to her bewilderment, Grace is told that she must fulfil certain tasks within a ten-day period before she can inherit her mother’s beloved house as her mother wants to explain how her life choices made her the person she was – including a different legal name to the name Grace knew her as. Grace briefly considers alternative legal action to contest the will, before deciding to humour the conditions laid down and treat the trip as a sort of holiday. She is instructed to find a man called Alasdair, in a local cafe. Alasdair explains to Grace that she must visit several locations, all pre-decided by Grace’s mother and read a letter at each location in addition to scattering some of her mother’s ashes at each point. To save problems, a case of clothes and shoes had already been packed for her. Grace instantly finds herself swept up into a mad whirl of domestic and international flights with Alasdair, long-standing family feuds, lots of outdoors activities, long-forgotten love affairs and indiscretions as well as discovering a side of her mother she never knew existed. The real secret behind Grace’s childhood home is explained along the way as well as uncovering Grace’s latent but ignored gift of singing. I found the book great fun once I got past the issues of going off with a perfect stranger with little notice. Although Grace’s mother only communicates with her through letters, they were beautifully written and gave her point of view very well and inevitably Grace gets her “closure” in more ways than one by the end of the book. Great fun if you want something light but charming to read. less
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An easy-to-read book for the beach bag if you fancy a bit of good old fashioned romance.
One of the best books I've read in ages, thoroughly enjoyed it.
Would give it a 3.5 - chick lit, easy/fast read, sweet story
Loved it!!!
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