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Angel In Armani (2000)

by Melanie Scott(Favorite Author)
3.89 of 5 Votes: 4
125004040X (ISBN13: 9781250040404)
New York Saints
review 1: I read the first book in this series be Melanie Scott, Devil in Denim and I was blown away. It looked like a debut novel and it was absolute perfection. While sometimes that happens with a first novel, the question is can the author do it a second time and she does with Angel in Armani and Lucas and Sara.I seriously loved this book and I LOVED Lucas and Sara and Maggie and Alex are back from the first book, along with the rest of the cast.If you are not into baseball, don't worry, Sara isn't too.She is esssentially a flyboy and never knew a thing about baseball but the Saints are educating her. Thsi book was just as much fun as the first one and and Lucas was as romantic and wonderful as Alex was. Lucas and Sara together have a great time and fall hard and fast for each o... morether.Now about the plot of the story...the story opens a little different in that Sara is mostly ignored by our hero aka the Angel, a play on Lucas Angelo's last name.Lucas is a rich, orthopedic dr who also helps out his newly purchased team with fundraising and coaching.. The night the story opens up he hates to fly but he is flying with Sara to a big fundraiser in the Hamptons. That night is pivotal to the story in that by the time the party ends there is a big storm and Sara won't fly her helicopter back and so Lucas decides to have her join him driving back. He is a big rush for a surgery he next day and that's where this story takes off....Neither Sara or Lucas are ever the same again after that night but I am not going to spoil anything.But kudos to the author, this book was amazing and wonderful and I could not put it down. She only seems to get better and I am waiting anxiously for Mal's story.
review 2: One thing about Melanie's books is they go quick for me, here I am reading along and then I reach the end and I'm like 'what that's it? I finished it already?' Needless to say I love her books and I enjoy reading them and I Loved Lucas, "I was thinking more of touch." One of his hands took hers, lifted it, and placed it on his chest. Her palm tingled at the feel of warm solid muscle. "Touch is more fun." When it comes to his woman he doesn't have much patience when it comes to not touching her, "his eyes were still that hot midnight shade. "That's long enough. I can get a room in the hotel in about ten seconds flat." Sara I think has insecure issues or she just wants Lucas to keep his word, "and I'm not high on that list," Sara said, realizing with a crack of her heart that it was true. For Lucas baseball and his medical practice trumped her. Trumped what they had." For me this book ended to suddenly I wish there had been more of Lucas and Sara. less
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Eh, not as in love with it as I was the first installment, but I can't wait for #3.
3.5/5 (B-)
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