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Time Changes Everything (2013)

by Melinda Dozier(Favorite Author)
3.74 of 5 Votes: 5
Entranced Publishing
review 1: *sigh* I love books like this. Short, sweet, and just what every romantic wishes for.Amanda is all about work work work, but when Jake, her childhood crush, shows up what she thought she wanted quickly changes. Amanda has been in love with Jake since they were kids and has never forgotten their kiss underneath the trees after their homecoming dance. Problem is Jake took off and ran after their kiss and now that he is back begging to get into her bed she isn't so sure she can be a one night stand and go through the pain again. Jake wants Amanda, plain and simple only he wants her for way longer than his normal relationships if you can call them that last. He only has to prove to her that he is worth taking a chance on.These two were so much fun! I love the whole child... morehood friend turned lovers storyline and Time Changes Everything is definitely one of the funnest I have read. Their banter was hilarious and they were so sweet together. My favorite part was when they went back home to their meddling families for Christmas. Their moms were so funny and I smiled from ear to ear the entire time. My only complaint is that I wish Amanda would have been the one at the end to make it all right. Jake deserved for her to come crawling back and I really wanted her to prove her love to him. The ending was sweet and I liked it, but Amanda needed to show Jake she was ready to take the leap. But I can't really complain Jake was sweet from the get go and I really couldn't have expected anything less from him.Other than that I really enjoyed this and I will definitely keep my eye open for more from this author!
review 2: I thought this book was great. Humorous in places, sweet in others. And some great heat too! A quick, fun read and a really cute couple.Amanda thinks there is nothing more important than her big shot in the fashion industry and she is much too busy to be going out for her friend's birthday party. However, it is a long standing tradition and so she can't disappoint them. She never expected to run into her long-time crush, Jake, who used to live next door to her. To her surprise, her feelings haven't changed, and the attraction is immediate. There are times when Amanda makes her life more difficult than she has to, but I understood why she did it. She is afraid to trust what she is feeling (or maybe what Jake is), and she also doesn't want to lose the things she has worked so hard for in her career. Jake, though unwilling to commit in the past to a woman, is actually a very swoon-worthy male who I quite enjoyed. He will have his hands full convincing his "Mandy" that they should become something permanent and tell their parents - who have likely had the pairs' wedding planned for years anyway. I loved the chemistry between Jake and Amanda. This is actually one of the first contemporary romance I have read instead of the romantic suspense genre (I'm usually about the suspense stuff), but I thought this was a lot of fun. Oh, the secondary characters are all great, but Mandy's niece stole the show for me and I really enjoyed her. All in all, a bang up job for Melinda's debut novel and a 5-star rating from me. less
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**3.5 StarsCute romance between childhood friends. An enjoyable read from a new author.
3.5 stars. Short and sweet, very enjoyable!
This was OK. I would say 2.5 stars.
Very cute love story!
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