Day 10 – Pete the Cat: I Love My White Shoes

After a bonkers bedtime tonight, mummy guided Tobias towards a story we had never read before called Pete the Cat: I Love My White Shoes. The artwork for this book is by James Dean (the creator of Pete the Cat)  with the story written by Eric Litwin.

The story begins with Pete rocking his new, white shoes and singing a song about his love for the shoes! Unfortunately, it would appear that Pete the Cat is rather clumsy. On the walk he manages to step into large piles of strawberries and blueberries before slipping in some mud. Each misstep turns his white shoes a different colour.

Fortunately, alongside being ridiculously clumsy, Pete the Cat is so laid back he’s almost horizontal. He copes with the changes in colour by simply altering the words of his song; declaring his love for his red, blue and then brown shoes!

He eventually manages to step into a large bucket of water, returning his shoes to their original colour but leaving them rather wet. Even then, the song continues – “I love my wet shoes!”

The story ends with a moral about it being all good no matter what you step in.

We both enjoyed this book, particularly the funny illustrations that show Pete the Cat stepping in all sorts and the repetition of the song, “I love my _________ shoes.” Tobias was even joining in with this when we had our second look through! A 4/5 for me today – a good book colour learning and repetition. 

I asked Tobias what he liked most and after telling me, “The cat’s shoes too big,” he told me he liked, “red and blue ones,” before singing, “I love my brown shoes!” Guess that counts as a ringing endorsement for the lot!

You can find a copy of this book here –

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