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Death Takes The Cake (2009)

by Melinda Wells(Favorite Author)
3.77 of 5 Votes: 5
0425226425 (ISBN13: 9780425226421)
A Della Cooks Mystery
review 1: In the second installment of the Della Cooks series, Death Takes the Cake, Della Carmichael is off into a new adventure. When her boss Mickey Jordan wanted her to join a reality cooking contest show to help boost the ratings, she knew she'd gotten more into what she bargained for. The sponsor of the contest is her arch-rival from high school and the baking mix tasted terrible. Between her steaming love affair with Nicholas D'Martino and her cooking show, she discovered the dead body of her nemesis. It's up to Della to compete with tougher competition and discover who killed her and why, before she's the next on his list. This included yummy recipes to try at home.
review 2: Good book. The mysteries kept me intrigued even though I figured out the suspect early o
... moren. I like the main character. She's independent and strong yet her clumbsiness in the kitchen makes her real. I enjoyed reading about her new business venture and her developing love story. The other main characters make up a great supporting cast as well. I do get a tad bored when she start describing food prep for her TV show. It just seems so simple and common knowledge. less
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Characters are tedious, yet another cooking mystery. Read it for the Standard Poodle.
Better than the first. Might read another installment if there is one.
Number 2 in the series and it's just as good as the first one!!!!!
Light and fun. Nice romance growing, also.
One of those cute type of mysteries.
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