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Bouquet Toss (2000)

by Melissa Brown(Favorite Author)
3.65 of 5 Votes: 5
Love of My Life
review 1: Love,lov,loved it! Everytime I read a Melissa Brown book I know I'm going to cry and I did!! Note; read chapter 19 ! Loved all the characters especially Daph and Tanner. Tanner ...... What can I say? Can I have a Tanner in my life? Can't imagine to have a friend as in Evan.....hot!! I will see him in Champagne Toast my next read, I have it on my kindle already ;) can't wait, I'm that person who read this series not in good order first I've read Picturing Perfect and Unwanted Stars and now I'm reading Bouq. Toss and Champagne Toast, I know, I know it's all standalones but for me I like to read in order ;) Evan's story next!!
review 2: This book was part of a 12 book boxed set.. never read anything by Melissa Brown.. this will not be the last.... I loved this bo
... moreok.. a really sweet story.. Daphne was hung up on her first love for so long.. At times I wanted to smack her.. She still thought they had a chance at a future!!! How long would it take her to find the right one.. the of course to love was not plain sailing.. Would Tanner win her heart ?? This book was a roller coaster ride.. I was laughing out loud.. heart stopping moments.. great big lumps in my throat and crying like a baby.. If you want to know what happens download the book.. you will not go wrong.. I have Downloaded the next in the series.. so looking forward to reading it.. I recommend this book 100% less
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Absolutely loved this book and looking forward to reading the next couple of books in this series.
blah boring and awkward conversations between characters.
Really liked it and would recommend reading it.
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