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Irretrievably Broken (2012)

by Melissa F. Miller(Favorite Author)
4.07 of 5 Votes: 5
Brown Street Books
Sasha McCandless Legal Thrillers
review 1: Melissa Miller has developed and excellent plot for her Sasha McCandless mystery, and she gathered plenty of characters to fill her imaginations' needs. Her plot development was right on point. To me, that was not so true with the characters.Sasha's character shows excellent promise, but I felt both Greg and Nick were not given personalities at all except one gambled and one had a wandering eye. I couldn't even visualize RIchard beating a pregnant, pleading woman to death. Knowing no more than I do about her love interest, I wouldn't have left my job, friends or family for him either.I don't always want to struggle with intricate books late at night. Sasha and her series will probably fill the much needed gap between intricate and boring. Had Miller's abilities time had be... moreen spent doing the really great novel she is capable of instead of a series of lightweights, she'd have knocked it out of the park, but publishers are pushing writers for series now, and the writing is suffering because of it.
review 2: Again, I like these books, but this one really wrapped up SUPER fast in the end. It took it's time getting to the big reveal and then WHAM! It was done~! So, I was really let down at the end and don't know yet if there is another coming!? Still like all the characters, but some parts of it were too tidily wrapped up. (With the exception of her love story line.) If there's another, I will read it to see what happens with Connelly! I still like them and am happy to have read them. less
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The plot here never quite hung together, but it was a moderately enjoyable read nonetheless
Loved all of the Sasha mccandless stories by Melissa miller.
Enjoyed this one too.
Legal mystery
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