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Baby Penguins Everywhere! (2012)

by Melissa Guion(Favorite Author)
3.6 of 5 Votes: 1
0399255354 (ISBN13: 9780399255359)
review 1: Little ones need to learn that sometimes it is okay to want to be alone.And it is okay if their caregivers need a little time alone too!I have always taught my little ones that they need to be independent. Even when my littles are only weeks old they learn that it is never to young to be read to, loved, or to learn patience.That is what I take from this book and that I try to teach my little ones.After all, patience (and independence) is a virtue.
review 2: Baby Penguins Everywhere tells the story of a penguin all alone on the ice, feeling lonely. Until one day, when she sees a hat floating by in the water. Out of the hat popped a little penguin. And another. And another. And another. And many more! The hat looks like one of those magician’s hats where the gu
... morey can pull out 10 rabbits in a row. So now, the penguin isn’t lonely anymore. In fact, she’s very, very busy (I believe there are 29 little penguins in this book). After a while, Mama Penguin is a bit tired, physically and mentally, so she needs to take a moment for herself before she goes back and enjoys her little penguins’ company. I love the message that moms need a break throughout the day when dealing with little ones. I personally feel for her as a single mom. Oh, and obviously penguin moms have a lot more energy than human ones. less
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Notes:adorable illustrationslackluster storydidn't like the focus on mom needing a break
This book is the story of my life. Except that I am not a penguin.
Cute illustrations, but not much going on narrative-wise.
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