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The Kraken King, Part VIII: The Kraken King And The Greatest Adventure (2014)

by Meljean Brook(Favorite Author)
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review 1: This was a great and exciting conclusion to the Kraken King serial. I will now proceed to review the whole serial. I know some regular readers of Meljean Brook were disappointed that she released this a serial. For me, though, I think serials are fun and buying the first issue is cheaper to try out a new author than buying a whole book. I'd been considering reading Meljean's Brook's steampunk series for a while and jumped at the chance to read her serial. The world in this series is fascinating and I like that her series takes place all around her world with different characters in each book. My only criticism is that the book occasionally devolves into harlequin romance style, but it doesn't really detract from the book as a whole.
review 2: {INSERT OVER-
... moreTHE-TOP GUSHING HERE} The Kraken King might very well overtake The Iron Duke as my most favorite steampunk book ever. I loved the story, the characters, and the interesting expansions to the Iron Seas world. I especially liked hearing about the Horde/Golden Empire from a different perspective.I waited until all eight parts had been published in this serial before I began, because I hate cliffhangers. However, had I read each installment on its release date, I can honestly say that I would have enjoyed that as well. Each part was quite satisfying. I don't care where the series goes overall. I am not waiting for a larger series story arc to reveal itself. I am enjoying these novels and novellas on their own, loving the overlap of characters, while trying to imagine the fantastical contraptions described within. The only thing I dread now is waiting for the next book in this series! less
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just glad the book is now done.
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