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Stealing The Dragon (2013)

by Mell Eight(Favorite Author)
4.1 of 5 Votes: 4
Less Than Three Press LLC
The Dragon's Hoard
review 1: This most recent installment in the Dragon Hoard series brings me to two of my favorite characters. Tori, the baby dragon, is delightfully endearing. Due to his dragon nature, at seventeen he’s essentially a child, no matter how adult he looks to humans, and this is conveyed really well in a series of examples and near disasters when others expect Tori to behave the age he appears to be.Jerney is a talented witch, and yet another interesting spell concept is introduced in Dragon’s Hoard, because there is spell dipping and spell stirring, but I won’t go over the specifics here. Without getting into spoilers, the destinies of Tori and Jerney intersect, and it all turns into a merry mess from there. The concepts of shifters and hoards are elaborated and continued in thi... mores story, but a decided family element unfolds in this one.The heart of this story is the family love amongst the characters, and it pulls everything together quite well. Along the way, a few mysteries are unraveled, and old vendettas are dealt with.Once again, the story covers a lot of ground but does so without stinting on development. It’s a quick read, but an eventful one. And by the conclusion of the story, I was so very curious about the lure of the ice witches’ story that was dangled like a dragon’s gem leading me on to the final story in the series.
review 2: What kind of monster would steal hoard from a baby dragon?!This was cute. I'm really getting a kick out of these short fantasy M/M stories. Tori is just the sweetest little dragon and I loved reading about him tripping all over the kingdom getting himself into mess after mess. I really liked how Jerney handled everything and what a great solid character that he was and I think my only quibble here is having to wait 40 years for Tori to show Jerney how he treats his hoard. ;)Makes me want to read the others in the series for sure and hope that there's more coming. I need to know what happens with Miles and Lyr. less
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My favorite of the series. I would really love to read more of these two.
I only wish this story was longer... Loved Tori and Jerny...
So cute
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